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The best of a bad lot

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A Case for Working with Your Hands

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Matthew Crawford, author of the best-selling Shop Class as Soulcraft, opened the Caroline Werner Gannett Project's "Visionaries in Motion IV" speaker series at RIT on September 8.  Crawford, whose career path has meandered from electrician to philosopher… more »

Irons in the Fire

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It's been awhile since I've updated this here blog. Fortunately, I have a plethora of wonderful excuses: Working on school projects: For ELT201, I get to build a power amplifier (and pre-amplifier!). This is coming along nicely. Above left, yo… more »

Keeping life organized, one sheet at a time

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As you might expect, I have a lot of stuff to keep track of in my life.  From my househusbandly duties to my schoolwork, there's a lot to do.  Over the years, I've developed a good collection of systems to keep track of it all. The most important of… more »

Random update to avoid blog neglect

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The season of education is again upon us, and this means my days are filled with stuff like calculus, writing, and tuning LC tank circuits for minimum smoke. In lieu of anything interesting and important, here's a couple random tidbits to make it look like I actually plan to update this blog regularly: more »
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Real Time Photo: TODO: Everything

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Originally uploaded by nflect on 15th December, 2008.A modest to-do pile for the break, I figure. more »

The Reverse Midas Touch, continued

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Alright! No serious damage today. Immediately upon my arrival at the MCC photo ID office, the photo ID printer stopped working. The folks ahead of me in line didn't realize it was me, but deep inside, I knew I was the reason for failure. I'm used… more »

Spring class schedule

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Today was orientation, advisement, and registration at MCC. This resulted in the following: A few hours of skits, lectures, advice, etc from various folks and peer leaders. A tour of the campus. A lunch. A mentalist. Yes, one of those mind-read… more »
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