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MikroTik RB750GL: Linux goes into the closet

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Once in awhile, a product comes along that makes me smack my forehead and exclaim "I've been doing it wrong!" After a week of mulling my latest solution -- an OSPFv3-powered IPv6 OpenVPN network between my house, a remote server, and my netbook, so that… more »
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Keep track of configuration changes using etckeeper

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I do stupid things sometimes.On a Linux system (and most other Unix-like systems), the /etc directory holds most of the fundamental system configuration files. Within its hierarchy lies a number of very important nuggets: /etc/passwd and its… more »
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Real Time Photo: The partitions keep disappearing at the bottom of the drive

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Originally uploaded by nflect on 24th January, 2009.My wife is busy installing Ubuntu on her computer. I'm quite glad I deal with the server image instead of the desktop version; that installer looks hard to use. more »

Wednesday Updates

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I figure I might as well post something here, since it's Wednesday and otherwise I'd have to go outside and miss out on valuable IRCing time. ICHWB is the new Internet sensation that is rocking the world! According to the stats, five people looke… more »
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