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Voicemail notifications with Asterisk and Google Voice

Permalink 07/29/10 23:12, by Ryan, Categories: Geekery, Howto , Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,
We use Asterisk 1.4 for our home telephone system, with FreePBX 2.7 as the front end.  This allows great flexibility to do strange things, although a home PBX is certainly a little overkill for a two-person, three-bedroom urban house. Recently, I decided to give Google Voice a spin for voicemail processing… more »

A quick gdata captcha script

Permalink 04/28/09 20:48, by Ryan, Categories: Geekery, Howto , Tags: , , , ,
I have a few scripts that use the Google Data APIs to retrieve calendar information. One prints out a text agenda in a condensed format, perfect for carrying in a pocket; the other lets me retrieve all events on a particular date from my cellphone. Tha… more »

Coined word of the day

Permalink 03/21/08 13:15, by Ryan, Categories: Useless Blatherings, Geekery , Tags: ,
unixular (yoo-neeks-you-larrrr), adj. Possessing the qualities of something distinctly Unix-related. "That error message is definitively unixular, you betcha." I used this in conversation a few days ago, and decided I might as well put it in my… more »
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