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The best of a bad lot

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Random update to avoid blog neglect

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The season of education is again upon us, and this means my days are filled with stuff like calculus, writing, and tuning LC tank circuits for minimum smoke. In lieu of anything interesting and important, here's a couple random tidbits to make it look like I actually plan to update this blog regularly: more »
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imap2maildir: a tool for mirroring IMAP to maildir

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For awhile now, I've had that paranoia kicking in about my online data. Almost all of us have a lot of useful information out there that is entirely under someone else's control: if someone messes up, or the wrong component fails, or the wrong business… more »

Cool new-to-me stuff from the past few whiles

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As part of my efforts to increase efficiency and productivity, I've found a number of things on the Internet lately that are, in my opinion, totally awesome. Joule ( This site keeps tabs of who is following/friending you on a v… more »
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