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The Dehumidifier Always Tweets Twice: Recent dehumidifier news

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I can tell you're delighted to hear of the state of dehumidification in the basement. Winter is here, which is known for being bone dry. Thus, the dehumidifier's going to be taking it easy much of the winter, but it will still be ready to act when snow… more »

Random update to avoid blog neglect

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The season of education is again upon us, and this means my days are filled with stuff like calculus, writing, and tuning LC tank circuits for minimum smoke. In lieu of anything interesting and important, here's a couple random tidbits to make it look like I actually plan to update this blog regularly: more »
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Recent updates to the dehumidifier monitoring system

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Just a couple quick splats of news: My lovely wife and resident mathematician pointed out that solving the series capacitor formula for the number of capacitors is pretty easy when all the capacitors are the same. Turns out x+x+x+x+...+x is n*x.… more »

Measuring the water level in a dehumidifier's tank

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When Mark Walling created his Twittering dehumidifier, I decided to kick things up a notch by monitoring the actual level of the water. This is actually a fairly simple thing to do, electronically, but it still took me awhile to actually get a sufficien… more »
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