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The Dehumidifier Always Tweets Twice: Recent dehumidifier news

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I can tell you're delighted to hear of the state of dehumidification in the basement. Winter is here, which is known for being bone dry. Thus, the dehumidifier's going to be taking it easy much of the winter, but it will still be ready to act when snow thaws and the basement gets damp!

The dehumidifier has every right to take it easy, now that it has taken the blogosphere by storm! Yes, the About Dehumidifiers blog wrote about our humble dehumidifier today, specifically with regards its Twitter support. Very cool.

In software news, the blog widget (on the right edge of this page) and the !d command on the Linode IRC channel now include a rough estimate of how much time is left on the tank. This is not an exact science, but the estimates will probably improve in the spring. I've also been playing with the capacitance-to-percentage conversion code. Anything to liven it up, I suppose.

Oh, and those random characters after the Twitter updates? Twitter started filtering duplicate status texts a little while back, resulting in no updates going through for awhile. Adding random text was a quick, 15-second fix, but it has worked well so far. Maybe I'll do something else in the future...

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