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Random update to avoid blog neglect

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The season of education is again upon us, and this means my days are filled with stuff like calculus, writing, and tuning LC tank circuits for minimum smoke. In lieu of anything interesting and important, here’s a couple random tidbits to make it look like I actually plan to update this blog regularly:

My schedule for this semester

I’ll be at school on Mondays from 11am to 5pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am to 5:30pm, and Wednesdays from 11am to 3pm. Those Tuesdays and Thursdays look like hell, but I have Fridays off! I just need to keep telling myself that.

This semester’s electronics classes are ELT201 (Linear Circuits) and ELT202 (Pulse and Digital Circuits), taught by Professors Oliver and Ambrosio respectively. We’ll be doing a lot of cool things, and I’ll probably learn plenty of awesome new vocabulary so I can post about my Variable Capacitance Water-Modulated Instantaneous Monitoring Probe for Closed-Loop Humidity Control Systems or something.

In fact, if I hadn’t already mentioned “tank circuit” above, I’d probably add an inductor to create an absolutely terrible pun and a terribly useless radio beacon.

I’m also taking ENG200 (Advanced Composition) and MTH210 (Calculus I). Whew. More on these later, for sure.

Random stuff from the Internet

  • git mail: I’m not hardcore enough to do this, yet, but I sure do like what I see here. In short, Tycho Garen has chosen to use git to store his mailbox. Holy crap. That’s a remarkably awesome idea, and would certainly work better than IMAP in cases where you read mail from multiple locations without reliable high-speed Internet access (e.g. a laptop, home/work computers, netbook, etc…). Makes me want to handle my own e-mail again.
  • The Alcoholian: I’ve seen his stuff via Planet Linode on numerous occasions, but just got around to subscribing to his RSS feed following an incredible Burger Quest. Delicious food, with absolutely mouthwatering photographs. Great stuff.

About that dehumidifier

It’s finally up on the Twitter as @hoopydehumid, if you want to follow it or something. It’ll tweet at 0%, ~33%, ~66%, and 100% unless something awkward happens. I’ll also update the feed with any settings changes or other important operational updates (hahaha, I said “important"). It’s pretty stable code-wise right now, in that I haven’t had reason to touch it in a number of days.

Updates to other projects

I pushed version 1.10 of imap2maildir today, which adds mbox support. (Great, barely rounded the 1.0 point and the name is already misleading. Might as well just put in POP3 support right now and take the shame.)

I’ve also made printcal a little less horrific and embarrassing. This is the script I use to print out my daily calendar and to-do list. If you’ve ever seen me fidgeting with a sheet of paper in my left pocket, this is where that piece of paper comes from. Without this, I’d be lost.

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Comment from: Alcoholian [Visitor]
AlcoholianHey Ryan,

Thank you for subscribing and the shout out. I hope I can keep you interested!
09/14/09 @ 01:59

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